Jonathan D. Stolk

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Olin College of Engineering
Jonathan Stolk
Jonathan Stolk is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Olin College of Engineering, where he offers project-based experiences in science, engineering, design, and interdisciplinary areas. Since Stolk joined Olin in 2001, he has served as a leader in the development of innovative undergraduate curricula, and in exploring how and what students learn in non-traditional programs. He has designed numerous project-based courses in STEM, and he has extensive experience in the implementation of cross-disciplinary integrated courses. Stolk’s current research interests include exploring the role of instructors in promoting lifelong learning and intrinsic drive, examining educational change processes, and investigating the effects of non-traditional pedagogies and environments on motivation, creativity, and self-regulation. Stolk is engaged in several NSF-funded educational research studies; he consults with a range of institutions on the design of innovative curricula; and he regularly offers hands-on workshops to faculty around the world.
Area of Interest
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