Dr. Tonya Nilsson

Santa Clara University
Tonya Nilsson
Tonya Nilsson is a civil engineering lecturer at Santa Clara University, SCU. Previously she was an associate professor at California State University, Chico. Dr. Nilsson has her professional license and industry experience on structural engineering projects. Dr. Nilsson worked for a number of years with ASCE's ExCEED Teaching Workshops and served for four years on the national ASCE Committee on Faculty Development. She is currently a consultant to the NSF funded ENGAGE team working on Everyday Examples in Engineering and a Faculty Associate for the Collaborative of Teaching Innovation at SCU. Dr. Nilsson was named a "Campus Star" by ASEE.
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  • How do these institutions address the lack of pedagogy training in effectively leading group activities, discussions, problem-based inquiry, etc. Flipped approaches often fail when faculty provide outside resources but don't then follow up with effective in-class activities.

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    3 years and 11 months ago, by Dr. Tonya Nilsson
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