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Washington University in St. Louis
Kurt Thoroughman
My defining passion is developing student-centric education. I study how people process experiences, identify relevance, and connect information to local or global context. I am Director of Undergraduate Studies across Engineering and an Associate Professor and Associate Chair in Biomedical Engineering. I co-direct our Project Site for the AAU STEM Initiative. I invented an online student community, connecting foundational material to real-world relevance and personal meaning. I founded and lead projects to interleave entrepreneurial and business mindset into engineering education. I have a decade of experience reverse engineering the brain through virtual environments and leading interdisciplinary graduate education in neuroscience.
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  • I would certainly vote on "too early to say." - As Brock mentioned, very fuzzy notion just within the academy of the relative value of our teaching on the lifelong skills / mindset / opportunities of our students. - Below is URL for the TUEE report that Xavier cited. Bottom line seems to be higher-ed relevance & connection to industry still very much a work in progress. A model that I am very impressed with is Southern New Hampshire U & their laser-like focus on competencies rather than "courses" (link below). This movement (microcredentials et al) greatly heartens me but I have deep uncertainty how to switch academe toward student-ability centrism.

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    4 years and 1 month ago, by Prof. Kurt Thoroughman
  • Does online interaction provide novel opportunity to understand how each student grows in expertise, integrative thought, and motivation/mindset?

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    4 years and 1 month ago, by Prof. Kurt Thoroughman
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