Dr Ines Basalo

Assistant Professor in Practice
University of Miami
Ines Basalo

Dr. Basalo received her Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University on 2006. Following a brief career on Wall Street, she returned to Columbia in 2008 as an adjunct professor in Mechanical Engineering, a position she held until 2012. She also had the opportunity to serve as an adjunct professor in Mechanical and Civil Engineering at the Cooper Union during her time in New York. Dr. Basalo joined the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Miami in January of 2014. Her teaching interests include laboratory courses, computer graphics, materials science and thermodynamics.

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  • Any advice on how to flip a classroom for the first time? Or how to blend flipped classroom activities into an existing course? I'd just like if some of you could share your experiences doing this with those of us who are just getting started.

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    3 years and 12 months ago, by Dr Ines Basalo
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