Beth  Cady Posted on January 7, 2014 by Beth Cady

FOEE alumni Jeffrey F. (Jeff) Rhoads and Eric A. Nauman (Purdue University) are happy to report that the engineering education efforts they described at the 2011 event are coming to full fruition. The Purdue Mechanics Freeform Classroom (a new course system that seeks to combine the more successful elements of the traditional classroom with new hybrid textbooks, extensive multimedia content, and web2.0 interactive technologies to create linked physical and virtual learning environments) is now fully implemented at Purdue, appears to be well received by the students, and is having a marked impact on student performance. In addition, the PMFC is currently being released to a global audience through the PurdueNExT initiative ( and the first hybrid textbook/lecture note set, Dynamics: A Lecturebook, is being released through AcademicPub ( A second Lecturebook, emphasizing statics and strength of materials topics, is slated for external release later in 2014. Jeff and Eric are very appreciative of the input and feedback they received at FOEE 2011, and wish the best of success in 2014 to their many colleagues.

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  • jason
    jason said:
    3 years and 5 months ago
    Good work
    That's some great achievement by the alumni. People can now use technology and internet to achieve the required skills for their career development.
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