Start the discussion for Panel One, starting at about 10.30 this morning!

Edward  Berger Posted on October 27, 2014 by Edward Berger

We have opened this back channel as a real-time discussion concurrent with the panel itself. Ask questions, have a discussion, or make comments. We'll periodically integrate your comments into the live panel discussion!

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  • David W. Gatchell
    David W. Gatchell said:
    3 years and 12 months ago
    Socratic method
    For Brian - have considered integrating the Socratic method into your step-wise tutor?
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  • Laura Jean Genik
    Laura Jean Genik said:
    3 years and 12 months ago
    academic integrity?
    If the students are actually doing an online course for a grade (and eventually a degree) how do you monitor who is doing the work?
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  • Manu O. Platt
    Manu O. Platt said:
    3 years and 12 months ago
    Being aware that University of Phoenix is a for-profit institution, but remembering how many of us have belittled educational degrees from there and other online colleges like it... How is it different if our institutions do it? We're they ahead of the curve and we are trying to catch up, or are we really doing a better job? Is it just respect vs. no respect or actual outcome differences?
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  • Ines  Basalo
    Ines Basalo said:
    3 years and 12 months ago
    Flipping for the first time
    Any advice on how to flip a classroom for the first time? Or how to blend flipped classroom activities into an existing course? I'd just like if some of you could share your experiences doing this with those of us who are just getting started.
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  • Stephanie Ann Claussen
    Stephanie Ann Claussen said:
    3 years and 12 months ago
    Student perceptions of online learning
    Dr. Ferri mentioned that having faculty-created videos fosters a connection between the students and instructor. One benefit I could see from online ed is the ability to leverage resources that are already created (e.g. a video from another university). But what will be the students' perception of a situation like this? Some have speculated that students view their instructor as the one on the video, not the on-campus faculty member who is facilitating their learning, creating the assessments, answering questions, etc.

    Who do students think is doing the teaching in a course like this?
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