Paul Blowers

University Distinguished, and Full, Professor
University of Arizona
Paul Blowers
Paul found the path to academia after receiving his B.S. (Chemical Engineering-1994- Michigan State) and then going on to receive multiple TA awards in grad school (M.S.-1997; Ph.D.-1999-University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign). Moving to the University of Arizona immediately, he continued to win departmental teaching awards, but was denied tenure because he spent "too much time teaching". The Dean of the College claimed there was a procedural mistake in external reviews on a technicality. One year later, he received tenure. Time passed. Awards accrued, including the highest UA teaching award, University Distinguished Professorship, in 2012. Going up for Full Professor, he stressed that the evaluation should be done on Teaching and Service as the two areas of excellence and NOT research. In spring 2013, he was promoted to Full Professor, "Do what your conscience tells you to do once you have champions and have built coalitions that will let you succeed."
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